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Shawn Yang has a strong influence in major cities all across the GTA area and specializes in residential home buying and selling, including luxury homes. He also helps individuals who are interested in commercial lease or investment properties.


With his family’s combined 30-year background in home construction projects, Shawn’s passion for real estate has grown immensely. He has a deeper understanding of all that’s involved in quality home design and construction.


What separates him apart is his uncompromising integrity. Shawn believes that to protect his clients’ interests, he must have the highest ethical standards. With his high level of commitment and hard-working spirit, Shawn was rewarded in the second year of his career with Remax, earning a spot in their 100% club. Professional negotiations and cutting-edge marketing strategies enable Shawn to provide his clients with the best sales, highest profits and least amount of problems.


In today's market, many real estate agents present the best-case scenarios, without mentioning risks. Shawn has a different method. He will show the pros and cons and make sure the client fully understands before making a big investment decision. While it’s good to set optimistic goals, Shawn believes they should be realistic. Clients need to know they can trust their realtor. Shawn will give honest answers – not exaggerated ones.


Shawn has worked with various vendors and builders on major new construction projects. Even when clients have a conservative budget, Shawn uses his connections to accommodate their requirements.


Shawn has expanded his network to include some of the top experts across North America, and delivers their advice and market analysis to his exceptionally loyal clientele base. He would like to share these valuable insights with you in a monthly email. Sign up now to receive Shawn’s free analysis newsletter.


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A. Asrani

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This is one agent who really has a pulse on the GTA market.

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Shawn backs up his comments on the market with data.

N. Tréhin

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When I want to know the facts, I turn to Shawn’s newsletter.